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Verizon Just Announced Their First Windows Phone 7 But Still Doesn't Give a Crap About Windows Phone 7

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It took a while for Windows Phone 7 to find its way to Verizon but on June 2nd, the HTC Trophy will make WP7's debut on Big Red. Too bad. It's the same HTC Trophy that launched as HTC's 'budget' phone last October.

Here's what Kat said about the Trophy when it was first revealed back in October:

The Trophy should be one of the cheapest WP7 phones on the market.

Meanwhile, the Trophy is meant to be HTC's budget WP7 phone...

Sure, some of HTC's other WP7 phones are faster, better, stronger...

I'm sure it's still a solid phone but it's not exactly the device you send to paint the town red or compete against the iPhones and Droids of the world. If they're gearing WP7 as some budget OS, they're selling them way short. We kinda knew that Verizon didn't really care about Windows Phone 7 before, and now seeing them offer the HTC Trophy as WP7's debut device pretty much confirms it. Pre-orders for the Trophy starts on May 26th. It'll run you $150 after mail in rebate.