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Verizon Teaser Site Shows Four New Handsets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Edit: Engadget Mobile has an insider at Verizon that gave them the revealed image. Seems like the phones are, starting from the left, the Samsung U470, the Pearl 2, the LG VX8800, and the VX10000. The new names are Samsung Juke, BlackBerry Pearl, LG Venus and LG Voyager. - JC [Engadget Mobile]


Original Post:
Verizon has dropped a teaser site showing four mysterious handsets, sending us into a hyperventilating, blogging mess. OK, we are not so elated, but there looks to be a line up of four phones to join the Verizon arsenal and one of them just may get us having an excited fit, we hope.

The Blackberry Pearl 2, BGR states, is certainly set for a release this November, so it shall not be available when the teaser is unveiled in 3d 12h 58m 14s in 3d 12h 14s 22ms...oh, it just keeps changing, how frustrating. [Verizon via Boy Genius Report]