Verizon to Offer Motorola RAZR V3m June 4

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No wonder there were such deep discounts on Motorola Razr cellphones last weekend, because according to a tipster who works at Best Buy, the Razr V3m is currently on the trucks to most Best Buy stores and is already in stock in some of the stores. The cellphone will go on sale June 4.

This next edition of the Razr line will be sold by Verizon, and it's an upgraded V3c into which you can install up to a 1GB microSD card, you can download tunes from Verizon, and of course, it has a music player on board. Pricing will be $329.99 at retail, $149.99 with a two-year contract, $199.99 with a one-year contract and $249.99 for a qualified upgrade.

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