Verizon Waives Voice and Text Charges For Sandy Victims

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Verizon has announced that it will waive domestic voice and text charges for customers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.


The decision will mean that Verizon customers based in the New York and New Jersey areas between October 29 and November 16 don't have to stump up for phone calls and text messages—at least, the ones they managed to make and send—during that period, as the storm ravaged the east coast.

Verizon has explained that customers don't need to take action; they just won't be charged for voice and text use during the specified period. Access charges and data fees still stand though, sorry.

PCMag has also reported that AT&T and Sprint won't charge late fees for Sandy victims who can't pay their bills on time—which no longer feels quite so generous. [Verizon via CNET]


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Verizon then went on the say that by accepting this bill reduction, all residents of New York and New Jersey would now be on a shared data plan with a 4 GB cap.