Very Lucky Boy Catches Crossbow Bolt to the Face, Sans Death

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Getting shot in the face with nearly anything other than pixie dust or a Super Soaker usually brings about a pretty swift death. Not so for English teen Lewis Tavernier, who put a bolt into his skull by accident. Whoops!

The misfire occurred so quickly that the kid wasn't even sure what happened, the Daily Mail reports: "‘I was only about a metre away but it was so quick and powerful I didn't really feel it go in. I just remember saying; "'mate is there an arrow in my face?'"


"Mate, is there any arrow in my face?" definitely has what it takes to be a British "Don't tase me, bro."

Once his mate verified that there was indeed an arrow in his face, he was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors were stunned to find that he was... pretty much fine. He'll need rehabilitative work on his face, but avoided puncturing vital nerves and arteries (to say nothing of his brain) by mere millimeters.


But don't worry—chap's learned a lesson: "‘I'll definitely be staying away from any medieval weaponry." Probably a pretty good guideline for anyone even without a cautionary bolt-to-the-dome experience. [The Daily Mail, Photo via Archant]