Viacom Shows Are Streaming on Time Warner's iPad App Once Again

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When Time Warner first released their streaming iPad app last year, Viacom freaked out and demanded that their shows and channels be removed from the app. After some bickering and court battles, the NY Times says that an agreement has been reached, and both sides appear to be OK with it.

The Time Warner app, which still only work in the home, and only for those who have a Time Warner cable account, has pissed off other content providers in the past, but with this in-home streaming cable trend picking up on other devices, it's no surprise that Viacom was willing to negotiate.


But oddly enough, Viacom still wanted to get the last word in:

The statement, released through Viacom's blog, added that "neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment."


Passive agressive, much? [NY Times]