Vias New Chips: Way Cool, Quiet, Too

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Keeping things cool and quiet, Via Technologies rolled out two new members of its Eden family of processors that can do their work without all that racket from a cooling fan. Called the Eden ULV (Ultra Low Voltage), not only are these 1.5GHz and 1GHz processors fanless, but they won't suck the batteries on your laptop dry, either—they are efficient little buggers. How power-stingy are they? Try a mere 3.5 watts for the 1GHz part, and 7.5 watts for the 1.5GHz. Via is targeting these new processors for applications that need absolute quiet, such as thin clients, silent desktops, or that set-top box in your home theater—you wouldn't want a constant droning noise drowning out the subtleties of your latest cinematic explorations, would you? No pricing yet on these new processors, but they re shipping now.

Via launches 1.5GHz processor that doesn't need a fan [Infoworld]


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