Video: Barnes and Noble eBook Will Be Color

B&N will be on the color reader via an eBook store app, according to the gushing rep in this video from CTIA. Interestingly, the news follows rumors that B&N's own (possibly Android-powered) reader may arrive as early as next month.

And as you may remember, B&N also has its store on the recently-released iRex reader, and the upcoming grayscale Plastic Logic reader. Oh, and apps for the iPhone and BlackBerry. B&N is the freakin' Borg of ebooks!


In the video, the rep says Plastic Logic's color reader will be about the size of a paperback. He says no price has been set, but is solid on that spring arrival. Watch out Amazon and Sony. Especially when there are also color readers from Cool-r and Asus in the works. Good times. Thanks for the tips everyone.

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"B&N will be on the color reader..."

Did anyone else have to read that 5 times before deciding that it just doesn't make sense. On THE color reader?