Video Camera Karate Sketch is the Stuff of Dreams

This sketch by Human Giant is about kicking video cameras. It's funny, and you really should be watching this show. But what I really like is how it was written: in a dream.

It was about a month after I had finished writing for Human Giant and Tom Gianas (the showrunner) called me up to tell me about a couple of my sketches that they had shot, and some changes that had been made to them during shooting.

Getting that call was very weird timing, because the night before, I had a dream about pitching a sketch, and the subsequent filming of said sketch. I told this to Tom and he asked me what the sketch was about. This is what I told him...

"basically, Huebel is this karate instructor filming a local commercial for his studio, and he kicks the camera off the tripod. He apologizes and says that his foot is a weapon. Everyone is really pissed at him and they begrudgingly set up another camera. BOOM! He does it again. After that, it's just a montage of him breaking camera after camera, no matter how far away they set it up. He'll literally run across the room to break a camera. Everyone keeps getting more and more pissed off, but he just can't help himself."

Tom cracks up and says, "dude, we have to shoot this." I tell him that I'll email him the idea so he has it on file, and as I'm typing it out later that afternoon, all I can think is, "this is so stupid. I can't believe I'm transcribing a fucking dream I had."


Yes, it's a slow news day. This is about video cameras! Those are gadgets! And dreams are like the, uh, operating system of the brain! Whatever, just enjoy the comedy. []

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