Video From Denzel And Oldman's End Of The World Picture

Gary Oldman is going bananas on the set of The Book Of Eli. Watch as his posse (including one Ray Stevenson) have an end of the world shoot-out amidst the rubble they call home.

Entertainment Tonight filmed a few in-progress action shots on set of The Book Of Eli. Once you strip away all the ridiculous banter, you can see what looks like a Western-meets-Mad Max shootout. I, for one, was really excited to see skinny little Oldman cursing and dancing around, presumably angry with that wily ol' Denzel and his book with the secrets to humanity inside.


Mila Kunis also gave up some of her time to talk to the cameras. Kunis' on-screen mother is Flashdancer Jennifer Beals, and also the blind sex slave to one evil Gary Oldman (Oooh Gary... you're so bad in this!). The film follows Denzel as he travels across a burned down America because, according to Mila, they blew up the sun. Denzel is spreading the word from the Book of Eli that Gary Oldman and his back of mismatched ruffians desperately want to get their hands on.



I'm pretty sure if they blew up the sun that just about every living creature on Earth would be dead in a week.