Video Games Outsold DVD and Blu-ray For the First Time in 2008

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According to data by Media Control GfK International, video games outsold the combined forces of DVD and Blu-ray worldwide for the first time in 2008.


While DVD and Blu-ray sales dropped a combined 6% last year (selling $29 billion in product), video games grew by 20%, to $32 billion.

Technically, people still bought more movies than games, if you account for the fact that most games start at $50-$60 before maybe falling to $20, while movies start as high as $25 before inevitably going lower. (Plus there's a huge catalog of DVDs that sell regularly for under $10.)

But what about your spending habits? Did you drop more on games or movies, and how do digital downloads factor into the equation? [Games Industry]


The day that the actual unit sales of videogames are greater than that of DVD+Blu-ray will be one hell of a momentous day in the world of entertainment. It'll be the day that videogames will be respected on par with all other mainstream media by the general public. If it ever happens, that is.

Of course, in the next five to ten years, we'll be counting digital copies more so than physical ones, but the concept still stands.