Video: Nokia 8600 Hands-On

The lads over at T3 got their sticky hands on the Nokia 8600 Luna and got to see exactly how it feels. In case you don't remember, there's a 2-megapixel camera, 1GB internal storage, an OLED screen and a sliding body.


The stainless steel black back might make it look like something that belongs in Batman's arsenal, except for the fact that Batman's phone is actually inside his cowl and has excellent reception and battery life. Am I a nerd for knowing that? You bet.

First video: Nokia 8600 Luna hands on [T3]

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When the price in the video states that it's only £79.99, or nearly $159 USD; is that the subsidized price or the actual price via retail?

Also, 1gb internal memory while nice; does this even have an MicroSD slot?