Video: Real-Life Driving With Dash GPS

This video is what driving with Dash is usually like. At night, it can be especially undramatic, but even when there is a lot of traffic, the truth is, Dash doesn't reroute you often. I use the map as a guide and just drive around the reds (when there are reds). It's funny how the density of traffic data varies time to time, and by what zoom level you are at. But when these things hit the market in the next few days, the traffic data, minute by minute, should shoot up in density. (And until then, the dashed lines, which are based on historical models, are pretty useful.) Also, apologies for any motion sickness incurred from watching this video. Driving stick and using GPS and camcorder at the same time is not that easy. We dropped our review of this baby last night, culled from over 1000 miles of driving, so check it out. [Dash Express review on Giz]


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