Video Shows 9.8-Foot Python Riding on an Airliner's Wing

This 9.8-foot (3 meters) python flew from Cairns, Australia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, attached to the wing of a Qantas' passenger airplane. Sadly, the poor snake didn't survive the trip, which lasted about 90 minutes. Warning: the video is hard to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.


One of the passengers noticed the python violently shaking on the left wing about ten minutes after takeoff, warning one of the crew members. The flight attendant answer: "you got to be kidding." But she wasn't.

According to Qantas spokesperson Thomas Woodward, "the snake was seen by passengers while the aircraft was cruising. The most likely scenario is that the snake had taken refuge on the exterior of the aircraft overnight."


The snake—an Amethystine python—didn't survive the hard trip, killed either by the 248mph wind (400km/h) or the 10.4F (-12C) temperatures. When the plane arrived to its destination, the snake was still hanging from the wing, already dead. The passengers were horrified, saying that they "watched the poor thing die."

The plane didn't suffer any damage, landing safely at Port Moresby. After they retired the snake's body and engineers inspected the wing, the Bombardier Q400 was cleared for flight.

And yes, I will say it: MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE. There. I hope you are happy. [Reuters and The Star]

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Is this really hard to watch for some people? Viewer discretion necessary? We have some weak minded people in this world if that's the case.