Video Shows Where The Great Pyramid's Hidden Chamber of Secrets Is Located

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3D software was used to create a virtual 3D-map of the Great Pyramid's hidden chamber of secrets. If you remember, a robot discovered mysterious markings in that room (which had been sealed for 4500 years) only a few weeks ago.

What you'll see in the video is the chamber's location:

The chamber is located at the end of a 63-meter-long tight passage way going up from the Queen's chamber, which is at the center of the bottom of the gigantic 146-meter-tall pyramid, made out of 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite.


The 3D mapping of the secret chamber was made to help people understand exactly where the hidden passageway to the room was, where the red hieroglyphics were found and also, as a test run for the 3DVIA technology. Dassault Systèmes, the company behind the video flyby, has hopes that they can pair their 3D video technology with Augmented Reality tech on a smartphone. Ideally, when someone in Egypt points their phone to the pyramids, they'll be able to access these type of videos. [New Scientist]

Here's the video:
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