Virgin Mobile Offers Free Beer and Kebabs

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Virgin Mobile, in an attempt to be nice to customers—because apparently it was a company full of angry, dead-beat assholes before(?)—will be offering up free beer and kebabs to loyal UK customers throughout the summer, again. This is how it works: text message the words "beer" or "kebab" to a special number and you will receive coupons for two free pints of beer and one kebab. The free beer can be redeemed at concert events, but the free kebabs have to be redeemed at specially-outfitted "kebab vans."

"Kebab van" sounds too much like a codename for a pedophile's lair. Virgin Mobile should just take a page out of T-Mobile's book. Instead of bribing rewarding customers with cheap beer and horrible kebabs, just provide some nice eye candy, like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Muy Bueno!


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