'Virtual Ribbon' Puts Your GPS Navigation Out In Front of You

GPS navigation units are nice and all, but how many times have you been using one and you make a wrong turn just because its directions aren't clear enough? Often there are multiple options for where to turn, and a simple "Bear Right in 200 Yards" just isn't enough info. Well, this new "Virtual Cable" would make that problem a thing of the past by making it perfectly clear exactly where you're supposed to turn.

By using a "patent pending volumetric display system using lasers and mirrors," it makes a red ribbon appear out in front of your windshield in 3D, showing you exactly the route your car is supposed to take. As of now, this isn't an option on any commercial navigation unit, but the inventor is hoping to have it become a $400 option on new cars with built-in navigation. What do you guys think, worth it or no? Seems well worth it to me, both for the sake of convenience and safety. [Product Page via Oh Gizmo!]

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I call BS. The white SUV in front is pulling the red ribbon and then speeds up the hill to hide!

j/k. pretty cool. When do we add the laser cannon to blast obstacles out of our path?