I've always wanted a job that gave me a super high security clearance that required facial scans to make sure it's me. Sadly, I'll probably never be that important. INSTEAD, I'll make myself feel important by programming my phone to unlock by scanning my freaking face.

What's it do?

It's a security app meant to protect other people (not you) from opening apps on your smartphone. But unlike password or gesture-based security systems, Visidon uses facial recognition software to do so. So if you're protecting Gmail with Visidon, let's say, the app will prompt a facial scan before it reveals Gmail. If it's you, it quickly registers and opens Gmail. If it's not you, users are prompted to enter a password. If they can't do that, then no peeky at my teeties. It's awesome.


Why do we like it?

CAUSE YOU SEEM IMPORTANT MAN. And even though it's not going to be government grade technology powering the facial scans, it's still good to keep a security layer on top of your personal and sensitive apps. Think about how many times a friend uses your phone, they can see all those embarrassing e-mails or revealing sexts by just tapping an icon. Not cool man! You can set it on an app-by-app basis too, so protect Gmail, Messages and Camera but leave Angry Birds open for everyone. Sadly though, it won't unlock the entire phone.

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