Vista Service Pack 1 Spotted, But Will It Ship?

That service pack we're all waiting for, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), might soon be shipping. Or not. In January, Microsoft said the update, code-named "Fiji," would be shipping in the second half of 2007, which is rapidly approaching. Now some quick-witted photogs snagged a snapshot of a machine running what they said was a build of Vista SP1 at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in LA last week.


At the conference, all those present plainly saw a PC in the demo running the screen you see pictured above, and if you look closely you can barely make out "Windows Build 6001 Service Pack 1, v113" at the top of the screen. But this could be a ruse. Will there be any more service packs at all for Vista?

According to analysts, many Microsoftians would rather just bug-fix the operating system as they go along, using Windows Update to slip in patches as they're created. Plus, if there's no SP1 to wait for, people might be more likely to pick up a copy of Windows Vista now. Fixing bugs as soon as possible via Microsoft's automatic updating service seems to be the most logical approach.

We've heard quite a few people saying they're waiting for bug fixes before jumping into Vista, and we agree. Sure, we're running Vista on a test machine or two, but we're not quite as trustworthy as most early adopters and are waiting for SP1 before we install it on our main production workstations. What about it, readers? Should we jump into Vista now?

Update: The code name "Fiji" reportedly refers to an interim Windows release that contains the next update of Windows Media Center, not SP1. However, Microsoft isn't confirming or denying any of this. CW


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