If you want to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of being rich and feel embarrassed about your bank account at the same time, here's a little exercise for you. Type $100,000 in a notepad app. That's a lot of money! Then type that 10 times in a row for a million. Even more money! And finally, type $100,000 10,000 times for a billion. Yeah.

Reckful TV did that exact thing to feel the real power of all those extra zeroes when it comes to being a billionaire and you could honestly lose a few hundred thousand, a few million, a few 10 million and not feel a damn thing. Life is good when you're rich.


Seriously, I have a stack of pennies in my room right now and if they disappeared, I wouldn't even notice. That's how a billionaire would feel about my entire bank account (plus yours and yours and yours)! [Reckful TV via Reddit]