VIV's Living Magazine for the iPad Combines Magazines and Movies

We've seen some pretty neat concepts of how magazines will make the transition to tablets, but this new VIV magazine spread by Alexx Henry Studios is maybe the most visually arresting yet.


The above video shows you how the spread, which is an article about five common sex fears, would look and behave when viewed on the iPad. The video below shows how they made it, including shooting the models with the RED camera and creating all of the environments to stick them in.


Is all this necessary to get the content of the article? No. But it's definitely cool, and it's certainly not the last new way of viewing text content on a tablet we're going to see.

[Alexx Henry]

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...Brought to you by Flash.

Honestly, that seems like a really annoying way to read through a magazine article. It's like reading a webpage where a story is broken up into 10-pages in order to generate ad revenue. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if those animations and transitions were filled with targeted marketing and ads.

(Your magazine article will resume in 0:15).

Add to the fact that no writer/editor is going to go through that much time and effort to publish a simple magazine article. Maybe a static image covering the background, but just like in the video, color choice is a big issue. You can't just stick text on top of any old photo. Light text, dark photo or vise versa.