Tiny tablets are oh so stylish today, and Vizio is in the game. And holy hell, this little Jelly Bean thing is lovely to hold.

Vizio doesn't have plans to actually sell the thing yet, but it absolutely should: the skinny Jelly Bean mini-tab feels better than the iPad Mini, and with a 1280 x 800 IPS display, it's a joy to read with. It feels lighter than a small book, and is certainly thinner—less than finger skinny. So why the hesitation to actually make it a real thing? Vizio seems cautious when it comes to a lot of its stuff at CES this year, taking a wait and see attitude before it decides to mass produce gadgets like this seven-incher. But it shouldn't be. Seven inch tablets are beloved already, and with Vizio's friendly pricing and terrific sturdiness (not to mention palm-hugging comfort), this is something you'd want to buy. Or at least consider buying. It's a perfect couch potato companion, commuter's library, or bedtime Netflix machine. Vizio: make it so.