VMA iPod: Destined for eBay

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I could care less about P. Diddy and his Xbox 360 colored suit, the white carpet, or most anything else that will happen on the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. I am, however, watching commercials for the new Panasonic Toughbook eLite and Time Warner's set-top DDR. And maybe to catch a glimpse of the Paul Frank orange vinyl Moonman watch and iPod shuffle with a VMA logo that are part of the fabled $27,000 gift bag. (MTV is a cheapskate as usual—this year's Grammy bag was worth $34K and the Oscar night swag was estimated at $150K).


That VMA-crusted iPod Shuffle should arrive on eBay any hour now. Drop us a line when you see it.

Staggering Swag: A Look Inside The VMA Gift Bag [MTV]

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