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According to CNN, the LG Revolution will be the first phone to support voice calling on Verizon's LTE network. For now, Verizon's 4G smartphones only route data through their super-speedy network, while voice goes through CDMA. The new function will be called VoLTE, and will debut on the Revolution this summer. When you wander outside of LTE's warm embrace, the phone will automagically switch back to CDMA.

What's that mean for you? Not much at the moment. Only a third of the US population lives in a Verizon 4G zone at present, and the only calls that will get crisper reception will be those between two VoLTE devices. So unless you and your friends are all stocking up on Revolutions (assuming you make phone calls anymore in the first place), it's going to be a while before VoLTE makes a smidge of difference. [CNN]


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