Volunteer for Online Emotional Abuse with Psychotic Boyfriend Simulation App

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Abuse, in any form, is bad, of course. And within the confines of a relationship, it can be particularly asphyxiating. But is the best way to educate the world about "dating abuse" to have a computer abuse you? Probably not!


The "Love Is Not Abuse" app, which arrives later this month, will bombard you with digital abuse after downloading it:

Upon authenticating their accounts when downloading, parents receive menacing and overbearing phone calls, e-mails, and text messages that mimic the same experience their teen may be undergoing. The app even takes it a step further by tampering with social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Why would you want to do this? How does this help you address abuse in, say, your daughter or son's life? This seems akin to mitigating the threat of drunk driving by steering your car into a tree. This is a noble cause, but, really, I can't fathom who would use this, or to what end. Apps can't (yet) replace parenting, counseling, or other IRL support. [Love Is Not Abuse]



Why should it be for parents? Certainly they need to be aware of whats going on in their childrens lives, but, this would be more useful for teens so they are aware of what constitutes this type of behavior since they may not know the signs before it escalates into full blown abuse. Teens/kids wont listen to their parents about relationships, but they may listen to an app and "awareness" seems to be the goal here. This also should cover not only boyfriends but girlfriends too, since crazy transcends sex.