Vote for the Gizmodo Theme Song

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Your entries in the Gizmodo Theme Song Contest have nearly halted productivity. We were going to choose three for the vote, but we could not narrow it down. So here are your Top prepared to be launched into outer space, headbang, and get your sexxy on.

Song 1: Chuck B.

Song 2: Philip S.

Song 3: Joshua C.

Song 4 Kyle S.

Song 5: Percival L.

Thanks to all 70 of you who took the time to sit down and compose an original song for us. But there can only be one theme song. Reader votes determine it, kids...we love them all. So vote for THE Gizmodo theme song below!

Winner (aka, receiver of the most votes) gets a PG27-USB microphone and a pair of Shure SRH-440 professional studio headphones. We'll post the results right here on November 15.