Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year: Semifinals

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We're down to the final four gadgets in our Most Important Gadget of the Year tournament, and we've got a few natural rivals in the last two match-ups.


As a quick reminder, the gadgets were seeded by where we sort-of-kind-of expected them to land, and will be advancing through their remaining matchups based on those seeds-the same way it works in the NCAA.

MacBook Air (2011) vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The laptop that's setting the pace for the whole Ultrabook class up against the Galaxy Nexus, which juuuust edged the Lumia 800 (52 percent to 48).


iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

This is probably the matchup you've been looking for: the iPad 2 against its small, cheap, and hugely popular new competitor, the Kindle Fire.


Join us every day this week as we—no, you—crown the most important gadget of the year, playoff style.


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2011 was billed as the year of the iPad killer. With every company throwing its weight around, willing to lose millions, in order to get some of the iPad marketshare (There is no tablet market, just an iPad market). HP, Palm, Samsung, Blackberry, and now Amazon have come after the iPad and all failed. Just think back to Nov 2010 and everyone saying "I can't wait for such and such tablet to crush the iPad" and look where we are now...same place.

So to all the iPad 2 haters, check your frame of reference. Just because it's V2 doesn't mean its not important.

Can't wait to see iPad 2 v. Macbook Air. I'll have to sleep on that one...tough call. Which one is the future? Can I say both?