Vote For Your Baby Vampire In The Let The Right One In Remake

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Three long-haired ingenues are vying for the role of vampire Eli, now dreadfully renamed Abby, in the U.S. Let The Right One In remake. Sift through their casting tapes and vote on which girl has the doorway-hemorrhaging goods.

The crew over at Slashfilm was tipped off with a casting tape of the latest casting reels for vampire remake Let Me In, from director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) . They also recently posted a crop of concept posters which lead me to believe that Eli, would no longer be the androgynous little vampire playmate we all came to love. I speculated that the tights and long hair concept art meant that the studio might be toying with simply ignoring Eli's wicked backstory and make her a cute little girl. The name change from Eli to Abby isn't calming these fears.


That said, I quite like one of the little youngsters for the role. But I'd like to see what you all think, so to the polls!