Vote for Your Favorite Road Warrior. The Winner Gets a Brand-New Suzuki Boulevard

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Thanks to all who told us why a Suzuki Boulevard is the Official Bike of You. Now, choose the winner of a brand-new Suzuki Boulevard. Will it be the dad/educator or the traveling man? Only you will decide. Vote below!


Finalist #1:

In my case, the road leads to teaching a film class for a not-for-profit called the Urban Arts Partnership in New York City public schools. I'm in Brooklyn one day, then in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx the next. I still get butterflies in anticipation of my classes. I want to open up my students' minds to a whole other world every time I teach. It may not happen every day, but when it does, it's magical.

After teaching, I coach a wrestling team and a lacrosse team at a small private school where I instill a different type of education to turn these athletes into warriors on and off the mat and field. I then train my own mind and body by hitting the gym and practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in Midtown and the Lower East Side.

As much as I love the journey from being a filmmaker, teacher, coach, and fighter, there's nothing like the commute I take every other weekend from New York to Boston to see my beautiful daughter. That's the road that counts most. As of now, that commute is on the $15 cramped bus. But every moment of my travel is worth it. The joy in my daughters' eyes shakes me to the core and my time spent with her is like nothing else.

If I could make these amazing little journeys on one of the Suzuki Boulevard Cruisers, a bike seemingly made for the savant and the warrior with its power, rumble, and handling, it would make my life that much more incredible. I can only imagine the feeling of having one to call my own and of arriving to each of my destinations having felt that exhilarating feeling that riding a fine motorcycle can bring. And on to top it off, I'd be the coolest teacher, coach, and dad in the world.

Finalist #2:

I am a traveling man. I've paddled up the remote rivers of Central America to isolated villages...hitchhiked through 7 countries, from Nicaragua to Los Angeles, without spending a dime on transportation (including landing in LAX on Alaska Airlines for free)...spent 8 months backpacking through South America...and even blitzed 10 countries in Southeast Asia in 6 weeks. All in the last 5 years. I don't wait for life to come to me...I go out and get it.

But not even my love of traveling can top my love for motorcycles. I have ridden from LA to Sturgis and back, and down the coast of Mexico to Cabo. That is why the Suzuki Boulevard is perfect for me...I'll put it to the test. Drive it from LA through Mexico and Central America, on a boat across the canal and onto Colombia and the rest of South America. I'll even blog it for you and take pictures...make it worth your while. You say this bike is "the official bike of one more ridge"? Let's put it to the test and see. I am ready to be your man on the street (bike).


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