Walking Dead set pics reveal how to trick a zombie

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New set pics from the Atlanta filming of The Walking Dead reveal a version of one of the most memorable scenes from the comic. Plus get your first look at the comic book character Glenn in the bloody, bloody flesh!


On Location Vacations has a collection of stills from on the set of The Walking Dead. And even though they are pretty blurry, the scene the crew is recreating from the comic is unmistakable. What you're see here is the hero Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), hatchet in hand, and his new-found friend Glenn, played by Steven Yeun... spoilery details below:

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The reason Rick and Glenn are covered in red is all their own doing. The two fellas need to get inside Atlanta, which has been all but overrun with the undead. Rick notices that while the zombies don't seem too bright they never attack each other. They soon realize it's because they all stink, and the dead can smell their own. So the only way to get into the city on foot without getting attacked by 1,000 of ex-citizens is to cover oneself with zombie blood and shamble in, quietly. Because they are also attracted to noise. What you're seeing here is the quiet and smelly tip-toeing through hundreds of the undead, hoping not to get caught.

The top picture is a poster from The Walking Dead comic con poster, available in a high res version over at IGN



Yes; their zombies follow Romero rules...which are actually that ANYONE who dies turns into a zombie, from any cause. Its just that zombie bites always result in a fatal infection.

But if you're careful, you can cover yourself in zombie gibs/blood, and it won't infect you or anything, and you'll smell like a zombie so they'll ignore you.

Hmm...some theories were that Zack hunts "warm bodies" and could just tell people were alive.

That always got me angry; that had to be some sense to how they hunt; so its good that its based on smell mostly.