WalkingHotSpot Turns Smartphones Into Wi-Fi Routers

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Screw HotSpot @ Home—now there's HotSpot @ Wherever The Hell You Are. It seems like an obvious idea: turn your 3G Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone into a Wi-Fi router for you and maybe other people simultaneously, instead of using it as a more complicated one-to-one tethered modem requiring wires or Bluetooth. Taproot Systems' WalkingHotSpot software for Windows Mobile and Symbian does precisely this, though there are some catches:

• The free demo available at Taproot Systems will support only one Wi-Fi connection.


• Though the system will work with any 3G platform (provided the WinMo or Symbian smartphone has Wi-Fi, duh), it will only allow voice calls through on HSDPA networks like that from AT&T.

• Taproot wants to sell this software to carriers and not to you, dear individual readers. Man, if I don't see a ridiculous monthly fee being attached to what would otherwise be an awesome use of bandwith you're already paying for!!!!!.

If you get a chance to test it out, though, please let us know how it works. [PC World]

Update: There's also a free one for Windows Mobile phones called WM WiFiRouter. -JC


Two worthless comments:

1. The latency on just about any cell network, including 3G and EVDO is simply too slow for just about anything I would use it for. It might be nice for bringing up a web page, but it is not particularly useful for a Citrix or Terminal Services session, which is what I would need it for. (It can work through third party products that cache the session, I know, but it is still barely usable.)

2. Do we really need to be connected to the Net no matter where we go or what we do? Can't we take a break from the internet for a few minutes out of the day? (Yes, the irony is me typing this into a web site when I am obviously connected right now. Maybe I answered my own question.)