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WandaVision VFX Breakdown Pieces Together Vision's Marvelous Visage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A CGI-heavy image from MARZ's WandaVision VFX reel of Paul Bettany's Vision flying high above the hexagon.
A shot of Vision from MARZ’s VFX reel.
Screenshot: Marvel/MARZ

Though Marvel’s WandaVision’s first few episodes evoked the aesthetics of previous eras of TV by relying on a variety of practical effects, one of the most impressive things about the Disney+ show is how the vast majority of its shots featuring Vision required a sizable amount of modern technology you’re not meant to notice.

In order to transform Paul Bettany into a believable synthezoid who’d been sucked into a sitcom reality, VFX house MARZ (Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies) was one of the groups tapped by Marvel Studios specifically to create Vision’s likeness. As you probably know already, MARZ used motion data captured from Bettany’s performance—in each shot where Vision’s robotic face is present, what we’re really looking at is a mostly CGI head placed where Bettany’s was while shooting. While that may not initially sound impressive, when you watch WandaVision, it’s astounding how seamlessly it all fits together. Take a look...


Given the way that WandaVision ends, Marvel’s approach to bringing Vision to life may shift somewhat if and when the character shows up in the future, and if the studio decides to stick with going for this kind of subtlety.


WandaVision is streaming on Disney+.

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