Want To know the secret of Super 8? Watch this footage!

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Super 8 Clip Together

Could this Dharma Initiative-flavored video be the greatest piece of viral marketing J.J. Abrams has ever created? Either way, it reveals the secrets at the heart of his new film, Super 8. Beware: Major spoilers!

A few months ago, we brought you an exclusive Super 8 viral video, showing off scientists poking an unknown specimen. That footage has now been edited together in one giant video, that reveals the truth.


Courtesy of Yahoo and the Super 8 editing room site, we can now watch the top secret footage of the monster that the military doesn't want you to know about. This footage is extra special, because not only does it explain some of the mystery behind J.J. Abrams' mysterious creature, it's also screened in the film. This is the same footage our young heroes uncover — but we're getting a much better resolution naturally. So be warned — don't watch this if you don't want to be spoiled.


And yes, clearly Super 8's Dr. Woodward (actor Glynn Turman) is this the new Pierre Chang.

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