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We're looking for experienced writers to work at Gizmodo. Is this you? Are you either in China/Taiwan/Japan/Hong Kong or the Silicon Valley? If so, read on.


Here's what you need to apply. First, experience. If you're looking for a junior position, hold out a bit longer for our other job calls. This is a full time position and the pay reflects that. Second, you NEED to be in one of those two locations. Either you're somewhere in Asia, or you're somewhere in the SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

If you think this is you, send in an application with the appropriate subject, either "Asia Writer" or "Silicon Valley Writer" to Include a short resume, relevant experience (where you've worked before, basically) and anything else you think will get make you attractive to us.


Remember, no attachments. And no sending them to me, only to If you send them to me I will delete it, and make a frowny face in your direction because you didn't follow instructions.

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