War Dogs In Afghanistan Are Getting Their Own Air-Conditioned Kennels

The U.S. military's war dogs are a pretty badass bunch, but that doesn't mean they like being stuck inside stuffy kennels during 120 degree Fahrenheit summer weather (Who would, really?). That's why the army's designing them some swankier digs complete with AC and exercise areas. Boy, do they deserve it.

Highly trained war dogs are invaluable for patrols and sniffing out drugs and explosives. In Afghanistan's brutal climate, they have to weather sandstorms and temperatures that swing over a hundred degrees F from winter to summer.


The newly designed kennels will circulate fresh air inside—adding heat during the winter and cool air during the summer. It won't ever get any colder than 45 degrees or hotter than 85 degrees inside the kennel. The modular kennels will also come with an attachable six foot run to give the dogs some space to stretch out. War will never be comfortable, but this is at least a small improvement. [U.S. Army]

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