War Machine Costume...Errr, We THINK It's a Costume

Illustration for article titled War Machine Costume...Errr, We THINK Its a Costume

Either one guy has spent hundreds of hours meticulously handcrafting his own War Machine armor, or some boom mic operator has busted off the Paramount set and he's terrorizing the club scene with style.


While the suit is still a work in progress, it's currently constructed out of high impact urethane covered in a brushed metal finish (plus, over 600 rivets have been implemented so far). And you'll be pleased to know, the thing shoots bottle rockets...if we're not misreading a joke.

I know what you're thinking: finally, we know how Iron Man got that beer gut. [SuperHeroHype via technabob]

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This was probably a Halloween costume I'm guessing. Or the guy is a major "dweeb"