Warpia Easy Dock Spearheads the Wireless USB Revolution

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Wires. Lame, right? Always getting tangled up, keeping you tethered to your desk. But! We've hit the age of wireless USB. Now Macbook and PC alike can connect cordlessly to any desktop setting through products like the Warpia Easy Dock.


We had some concerns over the InFocus wireless set-up that popped up last month, but Source R&D's Warpia Easy Dock seems to be a cleaner solution. Both products are built on Wisair's wireless USB technology, as will at least a few more similar offerings coming later this year.

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Also appealing: the Easy Dock has plug-and-play functionality, and works across both PC and Macbook lines. Whether it's worth the $150 price tag depends on how much use you'll get out of it; I can certainly see the advantages in a professional setting, or for those with netbook regret who want a larger display to work with.

Source R&D Debuts Wireless Laptop Docking Station for Mac & PC Users

Easy Dock brings your laptop content to your desktop computing environment for convenient use of speakers, mouse, keyboard & external monitor

SAN JOSE, California, Mar. 9 – Source R&D announced today the availability of the Warpia Easy Dock, which will allow users to wirelessly connect their notebook/netbook/Macbook to any traditional desktop setting. With the Easy Dock's straightforward plug-and-play interface, consumers can have both the convenience and portability of a laptop, as well as the comfort of a desktop computer. Easier on the eyes, ears and hands, users will no longer have to squint at a miniature screen, deal with a below average sound quality, or fumble with a tiny keyboard.

Based on wireless technology from Wisair, a leading provider of single-chip based Wireless USB solutions, the Easy Dock consists of a USB dongle that connects to your laptop and a receiver that connects to your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Your laptop will instantly recognize the dongle and begin submitting a wireless signal to the receiver, transmitting the image with a resolution of up to1400x1050 to your monitor's screen.

"Perfect for professionals working from home, students on-the-go, or families with both MacBook and PC laptops, the Easy Dock gives customers ultimate portability and comfort," says Marc Levaggi, VP of Marketing for Source R&D. "They can take their compact notebook to business meetings, while still having the option to do more intensive work at home with a full-size keyboard and monitor. It's also a great solution for those who want to play media on high quality speakers."

Compared to other laptop docks on the market, Easy Dock stands out for its wireless quality; adding capability without contributing to cable clutter. Priced affordably at $149.99, the Easy Dock and works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X Leopard, and Snow Leopard. For more information, please visit http://warpia.com/Product_Guide-Easy_Dock.pdf.



I think this is great. Instead of my current setup of a powerful desktop for hours of desk work and a crappy laptop for when I'm not at home, I could just have one powerful laptop and plug it into my desk with one dongle.

My only concern is my current 3-monitor setup for my desktop. So far any changes to the system creates a whole ton of problems with the monitors when logging into the desktop remotely using a single-monitor setup.