Warping Wallpaper, Grandma's House Got Trippy

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Warping wallpaper may be the brainchild of German surrealist artist Tom Hanke, but it's a real product nonetheless. Coming in any pattern you wish, the warping wallpaper creates the illusion of bending and bulging to accommodate doors, windows and pictures. The catch? This wallpaper isn't based upon space age technology, but simple science.


Your walls are first covered in a grid. A computer (along with the artist) determine exactly how much influence your objects have on the grid. Then, this grid distortion is applied to the wallpaper pattern of your choice, which will be scanned into digital form and surrealize to your heart's content before it's printed and glued onto you walls. There is no word on pricing on the site since every job is unique, but they will give quotes to interested parties. And even if the service seems pricey, just consider the savings in LSD alone. [product via neatorama]



I guess you better really like that picture hanging on the wall, 'cause it'd be a pain to change wallpaper every time you move your picture frames around.