Wastebasket Facilitates Hands-Free Toilet Reading

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Who knew a minor variation in the shape of the top of an ordinary trash can could be so useful? There's usually a trashcan next the toilet, so Snowtone Design figured it might be nice to put that receptacle to use during the times you're not throwing stuff in it. Just drag it around in front of you as you're doing your business and all of a sudden you have a hands-free reading assistant. [Snowtone]



FAUSAT1200: That's excactly what I was thinking...but I was going to add details of exactly what might be festering in the bathroom trashcan, too.


@faust1200: It's a toilet, not a land mine. It isn't going to hurt, or even scare, anyone sane to read in the bathroom.

Ummm...sure. Apparently you're missing the point. AQUAOSX made the piont fairly well: It's about germs.

People wash their hands before exiting the bathroom. At least they're supposed to. There's good reason for that. We teach this to children. If you're sitting on the toilet reading, and you carry the magazine with you when you walk to the sink, it's contaminated with whatever it is you're supposed to be washing off your hands. Sure, you might *think* that you're "clean" about it, and hand-washing is only a formality...but you might be wrong. You probably are wrong. Somebody else might also be wrong.

Now you're going to carry the magazine out of the bathroom and put it on the coffee table for your guests? On the kitchen table? You're going to watch your kids thumb through it then put their fingers in their mouths? Maybe you'll thumb through the magazine again while hand-tossing a fresh salad?

The chances are slim that anybody will die...but people get sick all the time, and most intelligent people would like to avoid that. Fecal bacteria transported via magazine does, indeed, pose a threat.

How about we put it this way:

Imagine you go to a restaurant. Before you're served your meal, you're told that the Chef has an odd practice — he carries his spatula everywhere. Including the bathroom. He always holds it in one hand or the other, to be sure it never touches the toilet. While on the toilet, he fumbles around with the spatula, touching all it's surfaces (handle, flat end, etc.). After he finishes wiping himself, he carries the spatula to the sink and sets it on the counter so he can wash his hands (but not the spatula).

Are you going to order the pancakes?

If you're going to argue that heat kills bacteria...then we can trade the spatula for some salad tongs. Are you going to order the chef's special salad?