Watch 245 People Jump and Swing Off a Bridge Like a Giant Dangling Snake

No longer confined by the limitations of a printed book, the Guinness Book of World Records has infinitely expanded to include almost every kind of questionable achievement humanity can attempt. Even grabbing 244 friends, jumping off a bridge, and swinging by a rope is enough to gain you pseudo-fame—at least until 246 people try the same thing.

This record-setting stunt took place in Hortolandia, Brazil, and involved the use of stiff nylon ropes instead of the stretchy bungee cords that could help absorb a lot of the momentum your body generates after jumping off a bridge that’s almost 100 feet tall. It doesn’t exactly sound like fun, although this first-person video of the stunt somehow makes risking your life seem like a great time.

[YouTube via Geekologie]


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Did something bad happen to these people?
I’m asking because this has been the #1 argument against peer pressure (or just doing what my friends get to do) since the beginning of time.

I mean, I’m not hoping that something bad happens, but I have kids now too. This no longer seems like a valid rhetorical deterrent.