Watch A Drone Deliver A Pizza To A Skyscraper In Mumbai

Francesco's Pizzeria is known in Mumbai for its thin-crust pizzas made with fresh herbs and a "secret" BBQ lime sauce. But recently, the restaurant achieved national fame when it decided to circumvent the city's notorious traffic by making a delivery by air. The public was delighted; the police, not-so-much.


According to the Times of India, the pizza was delivered to a friend of Francesco's CEO, who lives in a high-rise development a mile away. The drone made the delivery in about 10 minutes.

Francesco's said it was just an experiment, but has not ruled out the possibility of future drone deliveries. However, as the BBC reports, the police might have a different view on the matter:

The city police now say they're checking whether the restaurant asked permission from the civil aviation authorities. "As per norms, permission must be taken for flying any such object," an air traffic control official says. A local police chief told the told the PTI news agency: "We are very sensitive towards anything that flies in the sky with the help of remote control." Indian security forces are nervous about the possibility of terror attacks using paragliders or drones.



I foresee "Shoot-the-Drone" becoming a very popular sport in certain parts of America.