Watch a Huge Swarm of Machines Pave a Road in Russia

There are so many dump trucks and pavers and road rollers paving Moscow’s Tverskaya Street in this time lapse that it looks like a massive swarm of machines have taken over Russia. The smaller road rollers look and move a lot like the little planes that launch from the mothership (which, in this case would be the dump trucks).

Dmitry Chistoprudov says that, “about 8,000 tons of asphalt mix on the area of more than 32 thousand square meters.” When you see the video, it looks like it all gets done really, really quickly. No surprise when you have that many construction workers and vehicles working at the same damn time.

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That’s not paving, that was either something akin to a slurry seal or microseal. Since they didn’t mill the previous asphalt layer. You can still see the paint lines on the road as they were working over it. Anything too thick would have had messed up the grade and utilities.