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Watch a Madman Ride a Bike Packed With 1,000 Exploding Rockets

Riding a bike without a helmet or other protective gear is already a risky idea. But climbing aboard a custom-built bike packed with 1,000 rockets while you’re protected by nothing but a fireproof slab of foam strapped to your back is risk on a whole other level—even if you’re a semi-pro mad scientist like Colin Furze.


Furze has never shied away from fire and explosives when it comes to his inventions. This is the same man who built a cannon that fires thermite, and a machine that generates 20-foot tall fire tornados. But those creations allowed Furze to stay a safe distance from the heat and flames. Riding this bike was akin to having all those fireworks strapped right to his back, which is probably a separate stunt Furze has planned for a few weeks from now.


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I expected this I am disappointed