Watch an Olympic Figure Skater Perform to the Cowboy Bebop Theme Song

I don’t know much about figure skating. But I know that figure skater Kevin Reynolds, who performed to the Cowboy Bebop theme song while dressed as the show’s main character Spike, totally nailed it.


Reynolds, a 25-year-old Sochi Olympian from Vancouver, ran a full routine to Yoko Kanno’s big band piece “Tank!,” the opening theme to the classic ‘90s anime Cowboy Bebop. Reynolds was decked out just like the series’ galactic bounty hunter protagonist, Spike Spiegel, at this month’s Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. He scored an impressive 77.65 and finished in third, even after taking a spill.

He’s no stranger to bringing awesome geekery to the ice: In 2014, he dressed up as Link and performed to music from The Legend of Zelda, and before that, he skated to tunes from the RPGs Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

Mr. Reynolds, we salute you. Please continue skating for nerds everywhere.

[h/t Anjim 2.0]



Great job! Maybe now someone will FINALLY look into making my Cowboy Bebop on Ice. Still need to figure out putting skates on a corgi though...