Watch Batman Shave In the Justice League Dark Movie Because DC Believes You'll Watch Batman Do Anything

You have witnessed the Dark Knight fight crime. You’ve witnessed him at the height of his prowess, you’ve witnessed him at his darkest moments of weakness. And now, thanks to the Justice League Dark animated movie, you have witnessed him... shaving.


That’s not really the point of this latest clip from the animated film—the point is the spooky message Bruce Wayne receives about John Constantine from Deadman while he’s shaving in the clip.

But if DC already believes you’ll be willing to watch a Justice League Dark movie where Batman is the audience viewpoint character, they’re damned sure as hell you’re gonna watch a clip of Bruce Wayne getting his (distinct lack of) facial hair sorted out.

Justice League Dark: A Close Shave With Justice will be released digitally January 24, ahead of a Blu-ray release on February 7.

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So, Bruce Wayne uses a safety razor, but canned shaving cream? Totally doing it wrong! Also, that’s totally not what a nick from a safety razor would look like. Of course, I would’ve expected him to use a straight razor!

How much disbelief do these people need me to suspend‽