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Watch BlackBerry Rock Out In Yet Another Staggeringly Awkward Music Video

BlackBerry 10 is here at last and so, of course, there's another BlackBerry-tastic music video from VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders. Now that BlackBerry's actually delivered on those promises from the first song, you can't fault 'em for wanting to take a victory lap, even if it's really hard to watch.


You gotta appreciate the balls on these guys, and how willing they are to just run with the god-awful lyrics, laughable lip-syncing, and I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-arms dancing in the crowd. Ain't no music video that can make BlackBerry 10 a success all on its own, but hey, they did get that sucker out the door. Maybe next time consult Creative Director Alicia Keys for some pointers on the rockstar stuff, though.


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I have serious doubts about Blackberry's ability to survive. But the BEST thing they can do is keep the world's attention on them as long as possible, to buy them time to mature their new platform and try to attract developers and customers. This will help with that goal. Go ahead and be wacky, as long as the name Blackberry keeps coming up in the media. Kinda like Sarah Palin tried to do after the election failed.