Watch Captain America stick his skateboard trick in this Scott Pilgrim bonus clip

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Check out our exclusive look at the Scott Pilgrim DVD's behind-the-scenes footage, take a sneak peek at the making-of documentary, and watch Guillermo del Toro quiz director Edgar Wright, Michael Cera and Bryan Lee O'Malley about the movie.

First up is an exclusive looks at one of the many Scott Pilgrim bonus features on the new DVD. Sadly, they're not releasing any deleted scenes yet... but the DVD will include those as well. That said, we're pretty impressed by Chris Evans' skateboarding skills.

Next up is this amazing Q&A session hosted by director Guillermo del Toro, featuring Michael Cera, Edgar Writght and Bryan Lee O'Malley. Here's a round up of the best moments.


And finally here's a quickie look at the behind the scenes documentary that will also be on the SP DVD.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World debuts on Blu-ray and DVD on November 9, 2010.