During the summer season, there's not a lot of enticing new comedies to feast on. I mean, except for Candidly Nicole on VH1. Just kidding...sort of. Anyway, you might have missed this import from Britain's ITV on PBS over the summer since it was shoved into a Sunday time slot, and that's a shame.

Called Vicious, it's quirky sitcom starring Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, who play Freddie and Stuart, a very cranky gay couple who trade insults at each other all day long. It's s bit jarring to see these two classically trained actors throw jabs like "rotting corpse" and "big bitch" at each other, and they rarely ever leave their musty town home, but the predictability of it works in its favor.


The fast-paced dialogue and flying insults are mostly due to Gary Janetti, a former writer for Will & Grace, which this shows carries a lot of the same DNA. The first season is available for purchase on iTunes and YouTube.

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