Watch IBM's Jeopardy-Playing Computer Obliterate Humanity's Champions

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You may have heard about IBM's Jeopardy-playing Watson supercomputer. You may have also heard about its practice match against human Jeopardy superstar Ken Jennings. But it's not until you watch the bloodbath that you finally get it. We're doomed.


The video's not the highest quality, since the powers that be are saving the big reveal for full episodes that will air in mid-February. But turn the volume up a little. Titter about how funny it is that Watson sounds not unlike 2001: A Space Odyssey's Hal. Then realize that he's getting question right. And that he's really, really freaking fast.

And Watson's not going up against some chumps. Jennings and Brad Rutter are arguably Jeopardy's all-time mightiest gladiators. And they're getting mowed down like daffodils. The final score after this brief teaser round: Watson $4400. Jennings $3400. Rutter $1200. Human kind: obsolete. [VentureBeat; Photo credit: Dan Nosowitz, Pop Sci]


Starbury Sneetch

I don't get the reason this is amazing. my shitty laptop answers questions all the time. It's a computer. with a hard drive. So it was programmed to spit out the answers stored in its memory in the form of a question. Am I missing something? I want to be amazed but it's only doing what computers are supposed to do.