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This morning, SpaceX is launching 10 satellites into space from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California using a Falcon 9 booster. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can watch the entire launch live.

The launch is scheduled for 10:13am ET, 7:13am PT, and if everything goes to plan, the satellites will be deployed roughly an hour after that.


This launch will mark the fifth set of satellites to be launched for the global communications company Iridium. Each set consists of 10 satellites, with a total of 75 planned.

Like the previous launch by SpaceX, there will be an attempt to catch part of the nose cone, called the fairing, something that’s typically seen as expendable despite its roughly $6 million price tag. The fairing missed the recovery net by just a few hundred meters during the company’s last try.

Unfortunately the recovery of the nose cone won’t be something that you can watch live, but it’ll still be interesting to hear if they have any better luck this time.

Update, 10:24am: The first stage is successful. Here are some screenshots from today’s launch:


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